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Tribute to the memory of Armenian Genocide victims

Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan together with Marseille’s Deputy Mayor Didier Parakyan, Armenia’s Consul General in Marseille Vardan Sirmakes and the leader of the 11th and 12th district of Marseille, Member of French Parliament Valerie Boyer visited the memorial complex dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide situated in Bomon, the Armenian district of Marseille.

Valerie Boyer noted that the memorial situated in the Armenian district of Marseille is unique not only as an architectural construction but also has a historical significance for the local Armenian community and the whole population of Marseille.

A memorial stone has been placed nearby the memorial complex this year as a special tribute of the Armenian mothers and their heirs who had a hairbreadth escape from 1915 Genocide to the fallen Armenian women.

Yerevan Mayor talked to representatives of the Armenian community, who expressed gratitude to Taron Margaryan for the effective cooperation between Yerevan and Marseille and stressed that the bilateral cooperation is very important for the Armenians of Marseille.

Taron Margryan, in turn, assured that the high-level relations between the two cities would continue to strengthen.

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