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‘April 24’ App set to launch on April 24

April 24On April 24, 2015, Armenian-American television host Stepan Partamian will launch his second major app, titled “April 24.” The app will be available for download from the iTunes Store and Google Play, free of charge, Asbarez reports.

The “April 24” App includes the entire library of Partamian’s “Yes, We Have” series of books and numerous entries that are being published for the first time. The material comprises short biographies, photographs, as well as US patents, of Armenians who have contributed their talents to the greatness of American civilization. Categories include art, literature, music, theater, cinema, journalism and media, science, technology, medicine, law, public service and politics, military service, and sports, among others.

Beyond the wealth of information included in the “April 24” App, its scope will be gradually expanded to comprise the contributions of outstanding Armenians to not only American civilization but those of other countries across the world, among them France, Germany, Russia, Britain, and Argentina, complete with photos and short biographies.

The “April 24” App comes on the heels of the global success of the “Partam” App, which was released on April 24, 2014. A feature-rich travel guide to every Armenian destination under the sun, the “Partam” App provides photos and information, including maps and contact links, pertaining to Armenian destinations and landmarks across the United States, Canada, and elsewhere.

Both the “Partam” App and the “April 24” App are Stepan Partamian’s gifts to the worldwide Armenian community. “This year we mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Turkey’s attempt to annihilate the Armenian people,” Partamian said. “These two free apps not only provide ample evidence of the survival of the Armenian nation, but are powerful reminders of its immense potentialities and continued vibrancy.”

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