No unsolvable issues between Armenia and Georgia, Shevarnadze said 5 years ago

Gita Elibekyan
Public Radio of Armenia

Former Georgian President Eduard Shevarnadze died today aged 86. He was Georgia’s President from 1995 to 2003, and had to resign after the Revolution of Roses.

There are no unsolvable issues in the Armenian-Georgian relations, and there have never been any, ex-President of Georgia Edward Shevardnadze had said in an interview with Public Radio of Armenia back in 2009.

Ex-President of Georgia and the last Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union, Edward Shevardnadze, lived in Krtsanisi – one of the central districts of Tbilisi. His office resembled a history museum with a number of photos on the walls.

Six years after the Rose Revolution, Shevardnadze said his decision to resign was the hardest one in his life. “I had no other way out,” he said. “Otherwise I had to shed blood, which was unacceptable. I think that the decision to resign was the hardest but also the most correct one in my life. I prevented bloodshed.”

Edward Shevardnadze said the Armenian-Georgian relations were particularly warm and brotherly under his presidency. This was evidenced by the photos on the walls. “There are three of us on this picture – Aliyev, Demirchyan and me. Demirchyan was a close friend of mine. I was calling him Karen Serobich I’m confident that the Karabakh issue might be solved, if Demirchyan was alive.”

”I have good relations with Robert Kocharyan, as well. I have hosted Kocharyan and Sahakashvili here. I have always had friendly relations with all Armenian Presidents,’ Shevardnadze said.

”There have never been unsolvable questions between Armenia and Georgia, and there are not any today,” Shevardnadze said, extending his best wishes to the Armenian people. “Let your country flourish,” he said.

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