Tigran Mansurian’s 75th birthday celebrated in Los Angeles

Lilit Sedrakyan
Public Radio of Armenia
Los Angeles

Tigran Mansurian, Armenia’s most celebrated composer, will turn 75 on January 27, and the Dilijan Chamber Music series celebrated the jubilee at the Zipper Concert Hall of the Colburn School with a survey of the Mansurian’s chamber music over the past half century.

“This concert is our tribute to the wonderful composer and the great man. We were very lucky to play his works; he’s an impressive musician and a source of inspiration for all of us,” Italian cellist Antonio Lysy said after the concert.

The next concert honoring Tigran Mansurian will take place at the University of California, on Sunday, January 26.

The Maestro told Public Radio of Armenia he will soon present a new work for the choir, soloists and symphony orchestra based on the 24 prayers by Nerses Shnorhali (Nerses IV the Gracious).

The Los Angeles Times published two articles about the celebrated Armenian composer. “Once heard, a Mansurian piece is not forgotten,” Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times Music Critic wrote.

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