Armenian pastor and his family were 10 yards away from the second explosion in Boston

Former Fresnan, the Rev. Gregory Haroutunian, pastor of First Armenian Church in Belmont, Mass., and his family were about 10 yards (9 meters) away from the second explosion in Boston, the Fresno Bee reports.

“Surreal. I don’t want to say what I saw,” Haroutunian said. “As my 9-year-old said, ‘You don’t want to hear what I saw.’

Haroutunian was attending his first Boston Marathon. He took his wife, Sossi, and their three young children to cheer on a friend. Sossi was on the curb with the couple’s 11-year-old boy and 9-year-old girl watching the marathon.

Haroutunian and his 5-year-old boy were inside an ATM booth when he heard a big boom. When the second explosion blasted, his wife and the children ran inside uniting with the family.

The Armenian Ministry of Foreign affairs said earlier it possesses no information about whether any Armenians had suffered as a result of the twin blasts in Boston.


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