Record flooding kills dozens in Argentina

Record flash floods in Argentina have killed at least 52 people this week, officials said on Wednesday, destroying thousands of homes and renewing tensions , according to the New York Times.

In La Plata, a provincial capital 30 miles from Buenos Aires, 46 people were reported to have died after more than 12 inches of rain fell in just a few hours Tuesday night. The flooding also claimed six lives in Buenos Aires after the heaviest April rainfall in more than a century fell on Monday night. More downpours were expected through at least Thursday.

More than 250,000 people in the capital, with 2.9 million people, were still cut off from electricity on Wednesday, Planning Minister Julio De Vido said. Around 2,200 victims have been evacuated from La Plata, a city of 750,000. Some families reported that they had spent Tuesday night on the roofs of their houses waiting to be rescued.

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