Vardavar: Mickey Mouse Funhouse episode on the traditional Armenian festival premieres on Disney Channel

Disney’s episode centered on the traditional Armenian festival Vardavar premiered on Disney Channel and Disney Junior on Friday, March 1, the Armenian Film Society informs.

The episode of Mickey Mouse Funhouse is written by Kathleen Sarnelli Kapukchyan, whose husband is Armenian.

In the episode, Minnie Mouse wears the wrong outfit to celebrate Vardavar. Minnie, Mickey, and their friends are greeted by the goddess Astghik who wears a traditional Armenian Taraz, as she comes down from her magical temple and splashes them with water! The episode is set in the Land of Myth and Legend, which is modeled after Armenian architecture – notably Garni and Cascade, creating an amalgamation of the two sites. The character of Astghik is voiced by Liana Bdéwi, who is of Armenian heritage.

The episode is filled with cultural references – Minnie wears an Armenian Taraz, Armenian is spoken throughout the episode, and we even catch a glimpse of Chip and Dale selling tahn and making khorovats.

The episode marks the first-ever representation of Armenian culture at Disney.

“Vardavar!’’ is available on and in the DisneyNow app, and will be available on Disney+ at a later date.

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