Armenian PM presents the “Crossroads of Peace” project at Silk Road conference in Tbilisi

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan presented the Armenian Government’s “Crossroads of Peace” project and its principles at the Silk Road conference in Tbilisi.

A number of regional roads and railways, as well as roads connecting the East to the West have not been functioning for 30 years, the Prime Minister said, adding that the recommissioning of those routes would link the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean and become and efficient way to link the Gulf to the Black Sea and the Georgian ports.

“This project will greatly benefit all countries of the region,” he said, calling the attention of governments and private investors to this opportunity.

PM Pashinyan outlined the main principles of the Crossroads of Peace project:

  1. All infrastructures, including roads, railways, airways, pipelines, cables, power lines function under the sovereignty and jurisdiction of the countries they pass through.
  2. Every country exercises border and customs control on its territory through its state institutions and ensures safe passage of vehicles, people and goods.
  3. The infrastructure can be used for both international and domestic transportation.
  4. All countries use the infrastructure on principles of equality and reciprocity.

The Prime Minister reiterated Armenia’s willingness to open, reopen, construct and reconstruct regional communications on the basis of the above principles.

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