Governor of Attica, Greece, condemns Azerbaijan’s latest invasion of Armenia, offers support to “brotherly Armenian people”

Respecting the rules of International Law is the only way to resolve the disputes between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Giorgos Patoulis, Governor of Greece’s Attica region, said in a statement

“Azerbaijan ‘s new invasion of  Armenia, just one year after the end of the war between them and the signing of a truce agreement, in addition to the unjust loss of hundreds of human lives, poses an additional risk to the security of all the states in our wider region, which already being tested by the ongoing war conflict in Ukraine. Europe does not and cannot tolerate another war on its borders,” the Governor said.

“The international community as a whole, especially the Western world and the EU, but also the states that signed the cease-fire agreement of the previous conflict as guarantors, must condemn Azerbaijan’s attack, stand on the side of Armenia and enforce respect  for the rules of International Law.,” he added.

The Governor noted that any tolerance for acts of violence and arbitrariness can trigger a new vicious cycle of war conflicts, involving other countries that wish to advance their own interests through war and turmoil.

“It is a time of responsibility for everyone, but also the right moment, here in Greece and in Attica, to declare our undivided support for the brotherly Armenian people,” Giorgos Patoulis said.

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