Greek author presents new book on Armenian Genocide

A new book on Armenian Genocide by Greek author Alexandros Pigadas was presented in Athens.

Titled “Nation and ethnic minorities: Study of the Armenian Genocide,” the book examines the painful pages of the history of the Armenian people, the events that preceded the genocide, and at the same time touches upon the process of the formation of the Armenian Diaspora, as well as the efforts aimed at the international recognition and condemnation of the crime of genocide.

The book plays a unique role in understanding the Armenian cause, as well as the policy of planned extermination of Armenians.

Addressing the attendees, Armenian Ambassador to Greece Tigran Mkrtchyan welcomed the publication of the book and emphasized its peculiarities. In particular, the Ambassador highlighted the fact that the Armenian Genocide influenced the formation of the Greek-Armenian community.

The Ambassador emphasized the young scholar’s view that international recognition of the genocide was not only important for the restoration of historical memory and justice, but also for the protection of human rights, emphasizing that in this sense, the recognition of the genocide by the legal successors of the perpetrators of the genocide can only symbolize the maturity of the state and society.

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