Rep. Pallone pledges to pursue accurate reports on war crimes committed by Azerbaijan and Turkey

Congressman Frank Pallone pledges to push to ensure that accurate reports on crimes committed by Azerbaijan and Turkey are prepared.

“The NDAA that President Biden signed yesterday includes important provisions aimed at holding Azerbaijan and Turkey accountable for the war crimes they committed in Artsakh. I will push to ensure the required reports are accurate in documenting these crimes,” Pallone said in a Twitter post.

The National Defense Authorization Act that passed the Congress earlier this month points to four specific Azerbaijani and Turkish transgressions:

1) US parts discovered in Turkish Bayrakdar drones deployed by Azerbaijan against Artsakh
2) Azerbaijan’s illegal detention and torture of Armenian POWs
3) Jihadist mercenaries recruited by Turkey to fight alongside Azerbaijan against Artsakh
4) Ongoing Azerbaijani violence and violations of agreements and international law

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