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Poland’s Parliament to consider new Armenian Genocide Resolution before April 24





Poland’s Parliament has drafted a new resolution on the Armenian Genocide that will be put on a vote before April 24, Vice-President of the European Parliament Mr. Ryszard Czarnecki said at the 4th Ordinary Session of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly in Yerevan, Armenia.

Mr. Czarnecki said he’s proud Poland has already recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide.

Vice-President of the European Parliament Mr. Ryszard Czarnecki

Vice-President of the European Parliament Mr. Czarnecki opened his remarks in Armenian, supporting the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide, in this centennial year.

Mr. Czarnecki stressed that the Euronest is an important component of the Eastern Partnership and that it’s a multilateral platform to further the policies and values of the European Union, and expressed his regret that no Azerbaijani delegation is present in Armenia.

Mr. Czarnecki also stressed that Euronest “must focus on the values and inspirations which unite us, on the inclusive spirit which animates this Assembly, rather than on divisive elements”

The Euronest Parliamentary Assembly is expected to adopt an Armenian Genocide Resolution upon the conclusion of the 4th Ordinary session. It will adopt another resolution on Ukraine.

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