War never solves issues: Iran’s Ambassador calls on Armenia, Azerbaijan to show restraint

Escalation in the region serves to the detriment not only of the peoples of Armenia and Azerbaijan, but also all the peoples of the region, Iran’s Ambassador to Armenia Mehdi Sobhani told a press conference today.

“We call on both countries to show restraint, and continue the dialogue on peace,” the Ambassador said.

“We think that dialogue and diplomacy, as well as respect for national sovereignty and inviolability of internationally recognized borders are the major tools for reducing tensions,” Mehdi Sobhani noted.

“War has never solved issues, even wars are solved through diplomacy and dialogue,” the Ambassador said.

“As for cooperation in communications between Armenia and Iran, it is an important part of our relations. For Iran, Armenia is a gateway to the north and the Black Sea. For Armenia, Iran is a gateway to the south, to the Persian Gulf and India,” the Ambassador said.

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