Ruben Vardanyan nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Ruben Vardanyan, former Minister of State of Artsakh, co-founder of the Aurora humanitarian initiative, has been nominated for the 2024 Nobel Peace Prize by a group of renowned public and political figures, including a Nobel Laureate, Ruben Vardanyan’s office informed Public Radio of Armenia.

“Ruben Vardanyan was nominated for this high award for the creation and support for around five dozen new and unprecedented educational, charitable, scientific and humanitarian structures not only in Armenia, but also in a number of other countries,” his office said.

The nominators mentioned his activities in besieged Artsakh, where Ruben Vardanyan invested a lot of effort, trying not only to alleviate severe humanitarian needs, but also to create opportunities to improve the living conditions of people and children in difficult situations.

“The fact that Ruben Vardanyan’s charity covers not only national, but also international levels, and has global influence and significance, was considered valuable. The Aurora humanitarian initiative – one of the major projects he authored, aims to help and reach out to all those who risk their lives to do good in all corners of the world, on all continents,” Vardanyan’s Office said.

It is noted that Ruben Vardanyan, together with his colleagues, implemented a total of 700 projects in Armenia, Artsakh and the Armenian world, investing in philanthropy, education, preservation of historical and cultural heritage, tourism and infrastructure development and a number of other fields.

Vardanyan was illegally detained by Azerbaijan at Hakkari bridge checkpoint on September 27, 2023, and is still held in prison in Baku. He faces up to 14 years in jail.

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