Survey: Nikol Pashinyan has the highest rating, political instability is the most important concern

new nationwide poll in Armenia by the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) Center for Insights in Survey Research rates political instability and the return of prisoners of war as the top concerns for Armenians. Armenians also expressed deep skepticism for COVID-19 vaccines while voter enthusiasm for snap elections on June 20th remains high.

When asked about most important problems facing the country, the largest segments of Armenians mention political instability (12%), the return of prisoners of war (11%) and unemployment (11%).

When asked about their opinion of various politicians, Armenians gave their most favorable ratings to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan (45%) and Speaker of the Parliament Ararat Mirzoyan (40%). 

“After the election in June, the new government will have to work hard to allay any fears the Armenian people have regarding vaccines for the recent pandemic,” said Stephen Nix, Director of IRI’s Eurasia Division. “They will also need to show a sustained commitment on the prisoners of war issue and improving the economy.”

Armenians also express strong enthusiasm for the elections in June. A strong majority (72%) say that they will definitely or probably cast a ballot. 63% will definitely participate in the elections, another 9% say they will probably participate.

While 55% of the respondents refused to name the political force they will vote for, 26% said they will cast their ballot for the Civil Contract Party. At the same time, 26% will definitely not vote for the Republican Party, 18% will not vote Prosperous Armenia Party, another 18% are confident they will not elect the Civil Contract Party.

“It’s very reassuring to know that an overwhelming majority of Armenians plan to vote,” said Nix. “That is very important right before an election.”

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