Jill Biden wears custom Markarian to the presidential inauguration

The first lady’s coat was adorned with a dark blue velvet collar and cuffs.

Her dress also featured a tapered chiffon bodice and scallop-shaped skirt.

To top her vibrant ensemble off, she wore a statement pearl necklace with Swarovski crystals and a pair of neutral-toned pumps.

“The color blue was chosen for the pieces to signify trust, confidence, and stability,” the fashion label said of the first lady’s look in a statement.

Jill Biden’s look was specially made by emerging designer and Markarian founder Alexandra O’Neill.

The Markarian brand was founded in 2017 and created out of O’Neill’s “love of celestial romanticism with timeless design and modern grace,” according to the Markarian website.

The brand has been seen on notables such as actresses Kerry Washington and Laura Dern as well as singer and rapper Lizzo.

Named after a particularly radiant grouping of galaxies, Markarian combines Alexandra’s love of celestial romanticism with timeless design and modern grace. 

The Markarian galaxies are a class of galaxies that have nuclei with excessive amounts of ultraviolet emissions compared with other galaxies.  Armenian astrophysicist Benjamin Markarian drew attention to these types of galaxies starting in 1963. 

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