General Staff of Armenia’s Armed Forces demands the Prime Minister to step down

The General Staff of the Armed Forces has issued a statement, demanding the Prime Minister to step down.

The statement, signed by the Chief of General Staff, his deputies, and over three dozen top military commanders, says “the Prime Minister and the government are no longer able to make reasonable decisions in this critical and fatal situation for the Armenian people.”

The statement comes after the first Deputy Chief of the General Staff Tiran Khachatryan was dismissed from the post.

“Inefficient governance of the current authorities and serious mistakes in foreign policy have brought the country to the brink of collapse,” the General Staff said/.

“Due to the current situation, the Armenian Armed Forces demand the resignation of the the Prime Minister and the Government, at the same time warning to refrain from using force against the people whose children died defending the Homeland and Artsakh,” the statement reads.

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