Armenian GMs slam FIDE after controversial Online Chess Olympiad

Members of the Armenian national chess team have slammed FIDe, after a controversial Online Chess Olympiad, which saw both Russia and India crowned winners.

Both countries were declared joint winners of a major international chess tournament after two Indian players lost their internet connection during the final round.

An online version of the Chess Olympiad contest was held for the first time this year because of coronavirus.

India appealed after two of its players lost connection to their games and forfeited on time.

Officials said these were “unprecedented circumstances.”

Armenia on Friday said one of its players was disconnected from the server during its quarterfinal match against India, and lost on time. Its appeal was rejected and the country withdrew from the competition in protest.

“I guess like always some of us are less disconnected that the others,” Armenian team leader Levon Aronian tweeter after the final results were announced.

“And now I’m very curious what FODE and are going to answer or not to answer as they do at the present moment on our case, about final match to Indian guys?,” GM Elina Danielyan tweeted.

“They [FIDE] really think that they are the cleverest, smartest and the rest just idiots??? SHAME on FIDE and their crappy and smelly work. They should resign after all what happened!!! It’s a big shame for entire chess!!!” Danielyan added in another tweet.

“What a shame… Arkady Dvorkovich and Emil Sutovsky you failed… And you showed the whole chess world that you don’t have moral principles,” GM Gabriel Sarkissian said on Facebook.

The 44th Chess Olympiad was scheduled to take place in Russia this month but was postponed until next year because of the pandemic.

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