Competition for the development of Gyumri Friendship Park architectural solutions kicks off in Armenia

The Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation launches an open international competition for the development of architectural solutions for the recreational infrastructure of Gyumri Friendship Park. Applications are open on July 1-29, 2020.

The competition makes part of the integrated development and restoration of Gyumri within Armenia 2020 Initiative. The renovated park will not only become a new public venue for the Gyumri people and guests of the city but also a symbol of friendship and gratitude to the countries that have supported the city’s rehabilitation after the devastating earthquake in 1988.

The competition is aimed at selecting the best architectural and planning solutions reflecting the city’s identity and conveying the idea of international collaboration. The design of the recreational infrastructure elements will help talented architects from across the globe to co-create the modern public venue and diversify the territory of the city.

The competition will be held in 2 rounds. Based on the results of the first round, the jury will shortlist 20 participants for the development of architectural solutions. The participants will get technical task containing the necessary information about the park’s design project and the terms of reference for the development of the objectives. Following the second round, the jury will select the finalists of the competition in 3 nominations.

In October 2020, the winners will be announced and the park’s final design project will be presented. The finalists will have the opportunity to realize their architectural designs in the new public space in Gyumri.

The jury is comprised of renowned experts, including Andrei Ivanov, architect and researcher, Nune Petrosyan, Deputy Chair for the Urban Development Committee of Armenia, Udo Dagenbach, Landscape architect and Founder of “Glaßer und Dagenbach GBR” office, Fedor Rashevsky, Chief Architect and Partner of OFFCON Bureau, Emma Baghdasaryan, Aide to the Head of Shirak Regional Administration.

The park is located in the northern part of the city, between the historical center and residential and industrial areas. The central street links all the main sights and public spaces of Gyumri. The renovated park will become the first modern green area in the city center on this itinerary, popular among locals and tourists.

“The restoration of the Friendship Park is very important for the people of Gyumri. It will become a unique project, fostering the development of the tourism and the city’s infrastructure. We are glad that the people of Gyumri have accepted the project and embraced its significance. This project brought people together and this truly will be a park of friendship and gratitude,” says Ruben Vardanyan, Co-Founder of IDeA Foundation.

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