Armenia’s National Assembly in top 10 most beautiful parliament buildings

The Armenian National Assembly building has been ranked among the world’s most beautiful seats of legislative assemblies compiled by John Rentoul, The Independent’s chief political commentator.

Rentoul, in turn, has chosen the top 10 favorites from a list of the buildings housing the lower house of parliament of all 193 countries of the world presented by Allan Faulds in a  Twitter thread.

“Love a bit of symmetry, the contrast between the grey bricks of the ground floor and the yellow-gold of upper floors is great, grounds look lovely, mild University Campus vibe but overall nice job Armenia,” Allan said on on the Armenian Parliament seat.

The Independent added that “it is a beautiful building, grand, symmetrical and the grounds “look lovely.”

Other Parliament buildings featured in the list are those of Hungary, Romania, Trinidad and Tobago, Angola, United States of America, India, Canada, Seychelles and Bhutan.  

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