First official Bitcoin monument unveiled in Slovenia

Photo: Andrej Trček


The first official monument dedicated to Bitcoin has been unveiled in the Slovenian city of Kranj, reported.

A giant installation of Bitcoin’s famous ‘B’ logo has been placed by city authorities at one of the roundabouts near the city center.

The metal construction was created by Aleksander Frančeškin and Selman Čorović and paid for by the Slovenian-based tech design company 3fs and the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp, Andrej Trček said in a blog post.

While the city of Kranj may be the first municipality to approve a Bitcoin-themed installation, there have been a few other instances of Bitcoin art appearing across the globe.

There are even dedicated websites such as Crypoart, as well as brick-n-mortar and even decentralized art galleries, where one can purchase everything from Bitcoin paintings, statues, and other cryptocurrency-themed works of art.

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