Gagik Ginosyan dies aged 57

Gagik Ginosyan, the founder and artistic director of the “Karin” Armenian Folk Song and Dance Group, Honored Culture Worker of the Republic of Armenia and a participant in the Artsakh war, has has passed away aged 57.

Gagik Ginosyan was born on August 3, 1966 in Akhaltskha, Georgian SSR.

In 1987 Gagik Ginosyan started dancing in the “Van” song and dance ensemble founded by Hayrik Muradyan. In 1987-2001, as part of the concert programs of the “Van”, “Andovk”, “Akunk” groups, he participated in a number of foreign tours and became a laureate of four different international festivals.

He founded the “Tsovak” and “Karin” traditional song and dance groups in 2001.

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