Armenia-based FoodStruct startup raises $400,000 investment

Armenia-based FoodStruct Health & Wellness interactive media platform has raised an early-stage investment of $ 400,000 from US-based ‘2420 Ventures.’

The investment will be directed to the expansion and development of the scientific medical content of the platform. It is noteworthy that the investment will create jobs not only for the IT sector but also for medical and nutrition professionals. Another important aspect is that the investment was made in Armenia, i.e. the company remained in the legal and tax field of Armenia, and was not moved to the United States.

Foodstruct is a platform for a healthy lifestyle, fully established and developed in Armenia. It has more than 300,000 monthly visitors, most of whom are from the United States. FoodStruct is highly rated by Google and other search engines, as a result of which Foodstruct traffic is increasing day by day. Despite Google’s high demands on medical articles, the evidence-based content that is created by Armenian medical and biology experts meets the latest scientific
standards and ranks high in Google.

FoodStruct has a number of features that allow users to:

  • detect vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the diet
  • search foods that meet complex nutritional needs
  • compare food in the context of health and nutrition

After receiving the investment, Foodstruct will expand its team of doctors and nutritionists capable of creating fresh scientific content. Even today FoodStruct’s content is used not only by individual users but also by famous nutritionists and scientific institutions like Colorado and Ohio State Universities. The FoodStruct will expand mainly in the US market, where it competes with such giants as Healthline and WebMD.

Most of the content in FoodStruct is in English, but the website is also translated into Armenian and Russian. There are a number of articles in Armenian and plenty in Russian.

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