Azerbaijani troops will withdraw from Sev Lake area in Armenia’s Syunik, talks to resume in two days

According to the agreement reached during the talks in Syunik, the Azerbaijani forces will retreat from Syunik border, but will keep two checkpoints near the Armenian positions, Spatrak Minasyan, head of Akner community, told Public Radio of Armenia.

Commander of the Russian pecekeeping contingent in Artsakh, General Rustam Muradov participated in the talks.

Minasyan said he does not possess further information on the areas the movement of the positions will take place.

“They have to go back in some parts. Tents will be set up in our positions. The Azerbaijani side has not set up tents,” he said. The negotiations will continue in two days.

Goris deputy mayor Menua Hovsepyan told Public Radio of Armenia that the Azerbaijani side has put forward some preconditions.

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