Armenian PM offers to eliminate borders between EAEU member states at the digital level

The development of high technologies obviously plays a decisive role in the competitiveness of the state, security and living standards of the population, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in an address to the Almaty Digital Forum 2021

He said countries creating and developing high-tech are at the forefront of the international arena. “Digitalization, innovations and the latest technologies are considered by the Government of Armenia as a most important tool for creating an effective and representative government system and favorable business environment and ensuring progressive economic growth.”

“The field of high and, in particular, digital technologies is the fastest growing sector of our economy. In 2020, the turnover of IT companies in Armenia amounted to more than $400 million. Compared to the previous year, it has increased by about 20%. In 2020, the number of employees in this sector increased by 22%. At present, more than 1,200 IT companies are registered in our country. They are provided with significant tax benefits in accordance with the policy pursued by the Government of Armenia in this area,” the Prime Minister stated.

He noted that the pandemic posed extremely difficult challenges to society, business and government. “We had to solve them under quarantine or complete lockdown. The need to work in such conditions led to the introduction of a new management culture as well as the widespread use of digital technologies and solutions. Under the conditions of limited physical contact, the latter became the most demanded in the entire chain of public administration and socio-economic activities.”

“In Armenia we have used digital technologies, electronic document management tools,” PM Pashinyan said, noting that due to the use of appropriate technologies, the social groups in need of support were identified with a high degree of accuracy, and the transactions of support measures were carried out in the shortest possible time.

“We envisage the introduction and development of public data, e-services, e-government systems, digital process coordination policy and development, creation of common standards։ digital environment. The government encourages the use of electronic tools to promote the use of digital technologies in the private sector of the economy,” Pashinyan stated.

He noted that the current process of digitalization in Armenia is carried out taking into account the EAEU common digital agenda. A platform for interaction between databases is being created, which optimizes the processes of data exchange between systems, the digitization of a large number of public services.

The Armenian Prime Minister hailed the fact that the countries of the Union were able to use digital technologies to overcome some of the problems caused by the epidemic and called to actively move forward towards developing more joint digital projects, utilizing the opportunities provided by intra-state structures and development institutes.  

“Our goal should be the full and comprehensive digitalization of the services provided by the state to the citizens. To do this, we need to use the full range of e-services: cell phones, network services, cloud technologies, and so on. We must strive to eliminate the borders between the EAEU states at the digital level, to minimize the existing restrictions,” he stated.

Nikol Pashinyan added that the opportunities offered by digitalization can be used to increase the efficiency of free movement of labor force. According to him, a relevant mobile application can collect all the information on jobs in the whole EAEU area in “one window,” give the opportunity to fill in and submit all the necessary documents to have the selected job.

“I am confident that our joint work և exchange of experience will allow us to move forward confidently in all branches of digital technology, to achieve success and desired results,” the Prime Minister concluded.

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