Iran will not allow terrorist groups to turn its northern borders into a threat to national security – MFA

 Iran will not allow terrorist groups to turn the areas adjacent to the northern borders of the country into a threat to their national security, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh has said.

The comments come after reports emerged on the transfer of fighters to the Caucasus.

“The transfer of clashes to the Caucasus will bring a much larger catastrophe than the Karabakh conflict,” the Spokesperson stated.

Evidence grew this week that Turkey has recruited Syrian mercenaries to fight against Armenia.

The mounting evidence was supported by numerous Syrians who spoke to Reuters, The Guardian and the BBC.

Today the BBC published an interview with a Syrian, who revealed that he had been recruited by one of the commanders of the pro-Turkish Syrian National Army and was now in Azerbaijan.

He was offered to protect military facilities for $2,000 a month, and was not expected to participate in hostilities. They entered Azerbaijan through the territory of Turkey.

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