Krisp: Forbes recommends Armenia-made app for remote work amid coronavirus outbreak

The Armenia-made Krisp noise-cancelling app has made it to the Forbes top five tools to turn remote work more effective amid coronavirus outbreak in the work.

 Krisp app – an AI-based technology – allows to mute background noise during calls. It is free for 60 minutes free per week. Apple users get 240 minutes free per week.

“You can listen and speak without noise. I have not wrapped my head around how it works yet, but the site states: “World’s Best Innovative Noise Cancellation Technology Powered by Deep Neural Network.” They promise they will not store or send any of your calls; it is all processed on your machine,” author TJ McCue writes.

In 2018, Krisp was named the best product of the year on the International ProductHunt platform.

Most companies have reccomended employees to work from home as a measure to curb the spread of COVID-19.

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