Teacher, 11 Students Stabbed in Perm, Russia

Photo: Reuters/Maksim Kimerling


Eleven children and a teacher were wounded in Russia when a knife fight broke out at a school in Perm, a city 1,000km east of Moscow.

The victims were slashed when they tried to separate two teenage boys who were fighting, investigators say.

“Two minors, one of whom is a student, the second is a former student of the school, had a conflict with the use of knives. Eleven minors and one teacher received cut wounds,” the police said, adding that one of the fight participants had been registered in a psycho neurological clinic, Sputnik reported.

Two suspects were detained by police and the incident is being treated as attempted murder. One boy was angry about social media posts, reports say.

The teacher and a 16-year-old are in hospital with serious neck wounds.

The teacher was identified as Natalya Shagunina, 47. She and the 16-year-old boy are in intensive care, and another 16-year-old boy also has serious wounds.

The other injured children are aged 10-12. Most have knife cuts to the head and neck.

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