Murder of Armenian businessman in Moscow caught on camera

REN TV received a video from the surveillance cameras that recorded the shooting of an Armenian businessman in the center of Moscow on Myasnitskaya Street, Crime Russia reports.

An unknown man in a blue jacket was waiting for businessman Arsen Papazyan on the corner of the house. When the killer saw him, he sharply took out his weapon and shot several times at the chest area of ​​the man from a distance of about two meters.

After that, the killer quickly disappeared on a bicycle in the courtyards. According to investigators, he changed into a working uniform; a bicycle and a blue jacket were thrown into the garbage can.

Investigators are considering the version of contract killings, committed on the basis of commercial relationships – in particular, in the field of road business. According to the source of RBC, a man on the bicycle opened fire at 46-year-old Papazyan. An hour after the accident, a member of the management company contacted the police and told him that he found a bicycle and a down jacket in a trash container in Elizavetinsky Lane, about 3 km from the place of the murder.

The Investigative Committee Department in Moscow initiated criminal proceedings in connection with the Attempted Murder (part 3 of Article 30, part 1 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Probably, the businessman could be killed because of contracts for asphalt laying and construction, which he concluded.

The unknown shot ex-head of the Armenian diaspora in Voronezh Arsen Papazyan in Bankovsky Lane on October 5 at 2:00pm. The killer shot  four times as Papazyane walked toward the house. The ambulance took Arsen Papazyan to the Sklifosovsky Research Institute, but the businessman died at intensive care department.

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