Ultra-nationalist Turkish group protests Armenian signboards in Tuzluca

The so-called “Turkish Organization for Fighting Against Baseless Armenian Allegations” (ASIMDER) has demanded to remove the Armenian signboards at the entry and exit of the city of Tuzluca (historic Koghb) in Igdir province, reports, quoting the Turkish website.

As a sign of protest ASIMDER Göksel Gülbey has raised a six-meter long Azerbaijani flag in front of the organization’s office in Igdir. The latter said they sent an official note to the government and the governor’s office, demanding to revoke the decision.

The signboards in four languages, including Armenian, were posted in Tuzluca last week. Co-Mayor of the city Mehmet Gultekin has said the province of Igdir borders Armenia, Armenians lived in the region in the past and many settlements still have Armenians names.

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