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‘Silence the Lies, Rock the Truth! VII’ to commemorate Armenian Genocide on April 24

The social justice concert “Silence the Lies, Rock the Truth! VII” is slated to be held on Friday, April 24 at The Troubadour in West Hollywood. The annual show’s line-up includes Sebu Simonian of Capital Cities, Bei Ru, String Harmonies, K’noup, R-mean, Red Snow, and Tulips, Asbarez reports.

“The most important thing about this day is to celebrate and cultivate what our culture has given to us, despite the attempts to wipe it out,” said performer Bei Ru about the show commemorating the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. “We continue to grow regardless. We are the future and we’re still here.”

The evening will be hosted by Shahane Martirosyan and Gayane Khechoomian of Armenian Chronicles and feature a speaker from the Armenian Youth Federation. Sponsors of the event comprise a cross-section of Armenian organizations including the Armenian National Committee of America– Western Region, Armenian Youth Federation, Alpha Gamma Alpha of UCLA, and the Armenian Students Association of UCLA.

“The show is a culmination of the months leading up to April 24, which are typically filled with events surrounding the Armenian Genocide,” said K’noup Tomopoulous, one of the concert’s main orchestrators. “It allows for a creative outlet to reflect on progress towards recognition and to celebrate the survival and talent of a people.”

The concert is dedicated to raising awareness of the Armenian Genocide in a showcase of music, activism, and commemoration by socially conscious artists in the Los Angeles area. Now in its seventh year, the show draws over 500 audience members as it unites human rights advocates in calling for an end to the perpetration of genocide globally.

Proceeds from the concert will be donated to two needy organizational projects, the AYF Youth Corps and the Orran Chairty. The Armenian Youth Federation’s 6-week Youth Corps program provides a memorable and productive opportunity for youth to establish and strengthen ties with the homeland, consisting of 4 weeks of volunteer work and 2 weeks of touring. Beginning in 1994, volunteers first went to Artsakh to help rebuild war-torn villages after the cease-fire. In 2008, the AYF opened a summer camp in Gyumri, Armenia’s second largest city, and continues to empower Diaspora Armenians with more direct roles in nation-building. This is a chance for some to make a direct impact on the lives of Gyumri’s most impoverished children and families.

The Orran Charity provides vital support and assistance to needy Armenian children in Yerevan. Established in 2000, Orran, meaning “haven” in Armenian, works to decrease the disparity between the needs of at-risk groups and the availability of essential services. Orran provides food services, academic assistance, cultural enrichment opportunities and medical, psychological and social services for vulnerable communities in Yerevan.

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