The “New People’s Front” coalition of left-wing parties won in France

The coalition of left-wing parties, the “New People’s Front”, won the French National Assembly elections, receiving 182 mandates. The data of the Republic’s Ministry of Internal Affairs was published by Monde newspaper.

The “Together” coalition of President Emmanuel Macron is in second place with 168 mandates. Marine Le Pen’s “National Rally” has become the third, the association will represent 143 deputies. The Republicans received 45 mandates, and the rest of the parties together – 39 mandates.

The Parisien newspaper later reported that the New Popular Front won 174 seats, Macron’s coalition 156, and National Rally 143, according to the interior ministry’s final update. According to these data, the Republican Party and its allies get 66 mandates, the others get 38.

As a result of the second round of elections, no political force received an absolute majority in the lower house of the parliament. There is no information about possible coalitions yet.

In the first round, the National Rally with its allies from the Republican Party gathered 33.15 percent of the votes, the Left Alliance – 27.99 percent, Macron’s coalition was in third place, gathering 20.04 percent.

In order to prevent the right from coming to power, the Macronists and the left began recalling the third place candidates in their constituencies. It was assumed that during the “duels” of the second round, where the representatives of the Le Pen party will fight with the candidates for the seat of the Macron coalition or the leftist MP, the National Rally will have less chance of winning. 224 candidates withdrew.

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