Рelations between Armenia and France at an exceptional dynamic stage – PM Pashinyan

Рelations between Armenia and France are at an exceptional dynamic stage, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said alongside French President Emamnuel Macron ahead of their meeting at the Elysee.

The Armenian PM commended Macron’s personal role and expressed gratitude for his approach to the development and deepening of Armenian-French relations. “Our ties are deepening in the field of economy, our ties are deepening politically. And I must also emphasize your contribution to creating a favorable environment around Armenia,” he said.

Referring to the quadrilateral meeting in Prague on October 6, 2022, PM Pashinyan said the cornerstone principles of regional peace and stability were highlighted. “I am sure that if these principles are adhered to, peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan is indeed achievable and realistic. And once again I emphasize our commitment to the agreements reached,” he noted.

Nikol Pashinyan expressed special gratitude to Macron for his support in the resilience of Armenia. “We have actually established new relations in the field of defense, which is essential for ensuring security and stability in the region. In that regard, there is criticism, and I want to emphasize that the Republic of Armenia recognizes the territorial integrity of all its neighbors. And in this sense, the development of the defense capabilities of the Republic of Armenia cannot cause worries for anyone, because our only task is to form the right balance in the region and only to protect the legitimate, sovereign, internationally recognized territory, borders, territorial integrity, and independence of the Republic of Armenia and increasing the resilience of our country,” the Prime Minister stated.

“I also want to to express my special thanks to you for your support to the democratic reforms of Armenia. In this context, we are indeed entering a new dynamic phase in our relations with the European Union. And here I must emphasize the support of France and personally you, because the European Union is also of key importance for the implementation of democratic reforms and development of institutional capacities of our country,” PM Pashinyan said.

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