Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem visits the barricaded Cows’ Garden

On Friday, His Beatitude Archbishop Nourhan Manougian, the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem, made a surprise visit to the members of the Save The ArQ Movement in a show of solidarity in the name of this morally righteous struggle. The Patriarch generously gave his time to the Armenian Youth and graciously answered a multitude of questions from the concerned residents.

All the members expressed their undivided and steadfast support for The Patriarch for having initiated the cancellation of the illegal deal pertaining to the Cows’ Garden.

In closing, he offered words of encouragement and a prayer, blessing our youth.

Before his departure, he vehemently stated:

“All that is Armenian, will remain Armenian!”

A coveted plot of land inside the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City has become the focus of a legal controversy between the Armenian community and an Australian-Israeli developer who intends to build a luxury hotel complex on the property. In recent weeks, the dispute over the property has escalated.

Last month the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem announces that a letter was sent on October 26, 2023 to Xana Gardens Ltd. whereby the Patriarchate informed Xana Gardens of the cancellation of the agreement signed on 8/7/2021 regarding the Armenian Gardens in the Old City, Jerusalem.

A deal had earlier been signed by the Armenian Patriarchate that would hand up to 25% of the quarter to a commercial entity for a 99-year lease.

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