Females in Armenia will be drafted for military service on voluntary basis

The Armenian government today okayed changes to an earlier decision, which will allow to organize the conscription of female citizens for military service.

The decision follows the adoption by the National Assembly of amendments to the Law on Military Service and the Status of Servicemen.

The amendments define the process of organizing the conscription of female citizens who submitted an application for compulsory military service on a voluntary basis, the deadlines for submitting applications, the conditions for conscription.

Females aged 18-27 are eligible for 6-month military service. After submitting the application, they will have the right to refuse from the service until the day of conscription.  

The females will receive 1 million AMD in compensation after completing the military service. In case of early demobilization due to health issues, the amount will be divided into six months and multiplied by the number of months actually served.

After the expiration of the 6-month period, women will have the right to apply for the “Defender of the Motherland” program and sign a five-year contract to continue the service.

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