Meta executive Nick Clegg says AI ‘quite stupid’

Current Artificial Intelligence (AI) models are “quite stupid”, Facebook-owner Meta’s president of global affairs Nick Clegg said as he played down the risks of the technology, the BBC reports.

The former UK deputy prime minister said the “hype has somewhat run ahead of the technology.”

Current models were “far short” of warnings where AI develops autonomy and thinks for itself, he said.

“In many ways, they’re quite stupid,” he told the BBC’s Today Programme.

He was speaking after Meta said its large language model known as Llama 2, would be free for everyone to use, known as open source.

Large Language Models – the platforms which power chatbots like ChatGPT – are basically joining dots in enormous datasets of text, and guessing the next word in a sequence, he said. He added that the existential threat warnings issued by some AI experts relate to systems which don’t yet exist.

Meta’s decision to make Llama 2 widely available for commercial businesses and researchers to use has divided the tech community.

Meta has also decided to partner with Microsoft on this – Llama 2 will be available and usable via Microsoft platforms such as Azure – as Microsoft has also invested billions of dollars in ChatGPT creator OpenAI.

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