Draft peace treaty proposed by Azerbaijan contains claims on Armenia’s territorial integrity, which is a red line – PM

Armenia has received another version of the peace treaty from Azerbaijan, and there is some progress, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at a press conference today.

“As you know, in February we sent our version of the draft peace treaty to Baku. Two or three days ago we received another version from Azerbaijan. I can say that there is some progress. But the further we go, the more fundamental problems appear,” he noted.

“We see that Azerbaijan is trying to formulate territorial aspirations towards the Republic of Armenia through a possible peace treaty, which is naturally a red line for us. We see that with the proposals of that text, Azerbaijan seeks to obtain a mandate to carry out genocide or ethnic cleansing in Nagorno Karabakh. That is naturally also a red line for us,” PM Pashinyan stated.

The Prime Minister stressed that the fulfillment of the points of the future peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan must be supported by guarantees.

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