Walls of Armenian Convent in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem vandalized

The walls of the Armenian Convent in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem have been vandalized with hate speech, the Armenian National Committee of Jerusalem informs.

“Death to Armenians, Christians, Arabs, and Gentiles,” along with calls for revenge were written on the walls of the Armenian convent.

“This is not the first time an incident like this has occurred, Armenians in Jerusalem, along with other minorities, have been discriminated against and have been subjected to violence countless times. These hate crimes committed by Jewish Extremists have been increasing over the past few years, and they will keep happening if action isn’t taken against the perpetrators,” ANC Jerusalem said in a Facebook post.

“Discrimination is wholly unacceptable to the Armenian community, we strongly condemn these acts and we demand this issue be addressed and resolved by the local authorities,” the Committee said.

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