Ensuring peace and security on borders will be a priority: President issues New Year message

Dear citizens of the Republic of Armenia,

Dear compatriots,

In a few minutes, we will turn the last page on the 2022 calendar, entering the new 2023 year.

Last year was full of hardships and challenges for our statehood. It was full of continuous struggle for the sovereignty and independence of our state, achievements and irrevocable losses, tension on the borders and security threats facing the Armenians of Artsakh.

Heading into the new 2023 year, I wish each of us, in our families, at the festive tables, summarizing the past year in our minds, to cast a look back and see what we will leave in the passing year and what we should take with us into the years to come.

With what experience and knowledge will we walk into the coming year, with what hopes, will and faith will we, as a state, as a nation and collective society, continue to walk towards our cherished dream – a developing, thriving, safe and peaceful Armenia.

To have this Armenia, I believe that our people can realize and value their historical experience, I believe that as a result of this realization, we can find the potential of building our coveted Motherland.

I am also sure that we will come out of the ordeals that befell our country stronger, sturdier and wiser.

Dear people,

In the upcoming year, the priorities of our citizens and statesmen will continue to be the development and strengthening of our country.

Our priorities will be ensuring peace and security on our borders, the right for our compatriots in Artsakh to live a dignified life and to create in their thousand-year Motherland, as well as just resolution of the Nagorno Karabakh problem.

Dear compatriots,

In anticipation of the upcoming 2023 year, I wish us all peace, everlasting happiness in our families, endurance, and peaceful and creative work for the benefit and prosperity of the Republic of Armenia.

Happy New Year.

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