False Azerbaijani names of Armenian toponyms in Syunik removed from Google Maps

The falsified Azerbaijani names of places in Armenia’s Syunik Province have been removed from Google Maps and Google Earth due to joint efforts of the “Tatoyan” Foundation Center for Law and Justice and the ANCA Western Region.

According to the statement of September 29, based on the alarm of one of the residents of the city of Sisian, the “Tatoyan” Foundation Center for Law and Justice discovered that in Google Maps and Google Earth applications, the names of several communities in the Syunik Province of Armenia were referred to as Azerbaijani toponyms and were written in Azerbaijani.

For instance, the river “Vorotan” was indicated by the Azerbaijani name “Bazarçay,” the Sisian park was falsely named after the former president of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev, another park was named after Ataturk, the location of the Syunik governorate was identified only in Azerbaijani language as “Zəngəzur Vilayəti Administrasısıyı,” etc.

They had even attempted to change the name of the city of Sisian to Qarakilise.

“It is evident that this is a form of presenting the Azerbaijani authorities’ absolutely fake thesis that Syunik is Azerbaijani,” Tatoyan Foundation said in a statement.

It was also an attempt by Azerbaijani to justify the attacks and criminal invasion of the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia.

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