Device designed by Armenian students to be sent into space

The device developed by Ad Astra team of the Ayb school’s engineering lab will be sent into space. The launch is expected as early as this month. 

Three teams of teenagers aged 12-21 – Ad Astra, AYAS, GDL – had made it to the final of the competition. 

The Ad Astra team of Ayb school comprises 12th grade students Andre Vardanyan, Elina Melkonyan, Hayk Piliposyan and 11th grader Davit Vanyan, the mentors are Vazgen Gabrielyan and Ruben Kerobyan. 

The 197 gram device (payload) will be placed in a sub-orbital rocket and will be sent to the altitude of 125 km, i.e. it will cross the Kármán line, the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space,

The device will stay in space for 2-3 minutes, during this period it will collect data on the rocket’s flight path, temperature, pressure change, speed, acceleration, as well as the intensity of ultraviolet radiation and ozone concentration.

The sensors performing the last two measurements were designed and proposed by the AYAS team. After carrying out the planned measurements, the device will fall back together with the rocket.

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