Ankara and Baku should answer clearly whether they want to continue and complete the genocide of Armenians – PM

We are ready to establish relations with Turkey, but we cannot discuss the issue of “corridor,” Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at an online press conference today.

“We want to normalize relations with Turkey. But we also want to ask a question to Azerbaijan and Turkey. Do they want to destroy Armenia? Do they want to continue and complete the genocide of the Armenian people? If not, it’s a different question. If yes, which should be our choice?” the Prime Minister said.

“I want Turkey and Azerbaijan to answer very clearly – no in words, but in deeds – whether they want to annihilate the Armenian people, whether they want to destroy the Armenian statehood, whether they want to continue the policy of genocide. If yes, what choice do we have, except for resistance? If not, then they are right – there is a historic opportunity to stablish peace and stability in this region,” the Prime Minister said.

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