Azerbaijan commits terrorist act as Minsk Group is planning a visit to the region – Artsakh’s Parliament Speaker

Azerbaijan aims at causing panic among the residents of border areas, President of the National Assembly of Artsakh Arthur Tovmasyan said in a statement.

“Today, on October 9, 55-year-old Aram Tepnants, a resident of Martakert, who was carrying out agricultural work in the fields near the city of Martakert, was shot dead by an Azerbaijani sniper as a result of terrorist acts,” the Speaker said.

According to him, the only goal of Azerbaijan is to cause panic among the residents of border areas.

“The terrorist act took place against the background of the OSCE Minsk Group planning to visit Yerevan, Baku, including Stepanakert,” Tovmasyan said, strongly condemning the aggressive behavior of Azerbaijan, by which it is trying to neutralize the mission of the Russian peacekeeping forces.

“Such provocative actions should concern not only the Russian Federation, but also the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairing countries, the United States and France,” the Speaker added.

“We call on the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs to develop appropriate mechanisms to bring the perpetrators and perpetrators of the aggression to justice and to prevent further violations of the ceasefire,” he concluded.

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