Armenia second after the US to patent software

Armenia becomes the second country after the United States to license computer software, as the Law on Patents regulating property relations related to the creation, legal protection and use of inventions enters into force.

“Reliable protection of computer software will create favorable conditions for startups and innovative authors in Armenia to create intellectual value and license them in Armenia. The changes made, as well as the speed and ease of organizing the licensing process in Armenia will create preconditions for Armenia’s more favorable position in the region, for innovation and sustainable technological development in the country, as well as for promoting economic growth,” said Kristine Hambaryan, Acting Head of the Intellectual Property Agency of the Ministry of Economy.

The development of the high-tech sector is one of the priorities of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, as information technologies and innovations are among the preconditions for the establishment of a sustainable economy. Back in 2019, the development of the high-tech sector was declared a strategic direction. In order to promote sustainable, inclusive economic growth, the Government has been creating favorable conditions for local and foreign investments in the field of high technologies over the past few years, promoting the active introduction of innovative startup ecosystems.

The best Diaspora experts in the field support the Government of Armenia with their experience and knowledge in the development of comprehensive, modern legislative reforms aimed at the protection of intellectual property.

Back in November 2018, the Armenian Bar Association of the United States Bar Association formed an IP / IT Committee, which aims to facilitate the process of developing proposals and solutions to address legal shortcomings in the field. The working group comprised the best experts in the field in Armenia and Diaspora, lawyers, representatives of the state and private sectors, higher education institutions, deputies of the National Assembly. As a result of joint work carried out by the working group on amendments to the Law on Patents and proposals, it is now possible to license computer software  in Armenia.

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