UK Government responds to MP’s concerns over Azerbaijani incursion into Armenian territory, retention of POWs

Tim Loughton MP has received a response from the UK government on their stance on Azerbaijan’s continued retention of Armenian POWs and illegally stationed troops along the Armenian border, the Armenian National Committee of UK informs.

“The UK Government is closely following the situation on the Armenia/Azerbaijan border, alongside domestic reactions from both countries. We have repeatedly made clear our concern at the OSCE in Vienna, most recently on 3 June, and will do so again as necessary,” Wendy Morton MP, Minister for the European Neighborhood and the Americas, said in a letter to Tim Loughton.

“We have urged Azerbaijan and Armenia to refrain from unhelpful rhetoric, to relocate troops away from the border and to instead engage in substantive, peaceful negotiations over the complex issue of border delimitation and demarcation,” Wendy Morton added.

“I spoke to Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Bayramov on June 14 where I noted the current tensions on the border and urged Azerbaijan to relocate their troops. I also raised the situation surrounding prisoners of war and detainees. Our Ambassadors in Baku and Yerevan have also been discussing the post-conflict situation with their host Governments and will continue to do so,” the Minister said.

She said the UK Government continues to urge Armenia and Azerbaijan to engage with the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs France, the United States and Russia to settle all outstanding matters related to last year’s conflict and find a sustainable and peaceful settlement.

“We will continue to work closely with both Governments in the coming months, including on the question of what additional support the UK may be able to provide to help those affected by last year’s conflict,” she concluded.

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