Artsakh’s security services will look into allegations about HALO Trust

The National Security Service of Artsakh will look into allegations the British HALO Trust charity organization provided the minefield maps to Turkish forces before or during the Karabakh war.

The Prosecutor’s Office has sent the relevant materials to the NSS.

A number of media outlets quoted Artsakh President’s envoy-at-large Boris Avagyan as saying that the British non-governmental organization HALO Trust provided the Turkish special services with a map of the mined areas in Artsakh, which enabled them to successfully overcome the defensive mined areas of the Artsakh Defense Army during the 44-day war.

HALO Trust issued a statement, denying the claims.

”The HALO Trust is aware of a claim that it handed minefield maps to Turkish forces before or during the 2020 conflict over Karabakh. There is absolutely no truth to this claim. For over 20 years HALO has worked in Karabakh to make the local people safe. The HALO Trust is only able to operate in conflict zones around the world because it is a totally non-political and neutral organization. The claim is totally false,” HALO Trust said in a statement.

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