Governor of Minnesota removes the claim of Khojalu genocide from his proclamation

Fr Tadeos Barseghyan of St. Sahag Armenian Church reports that the Governor of Minnesota Tim Walz has removed the claim of a Khojalu genocide from his proclamation.

Fr. Barseghyan thanked all “who sent letters to the Governor following our request.”

He expressed special gratitude to Aram Desteian for all his hard work on the issue.

Fr. Tadeos Barseghyan earlier asked the community to contact Governor Watz’s office after the Armenian Assembly was notified about a resolution that was being prepared to be signed by Governor Waltz to declare February 26th, the day of Commemoration of Sumgait Pogroms, as Azerbaijani Day in Minnesota.

“Turkey and Azerbaijan have intensified their efforts to conceal the bloodiest chapters of their histories by pushing the State of Minnesota to declare February 26 as Azerbaijani Day, a day that Armenians commemorate the Sumgait pogroms, orchestrated by the Azerbaijani authorities, which lasted from February 26, 1988 to March 1, 1988,” the Pastor said.

He sent a letter to Governor Waltz on behalf of the Armenian community & St. Sahag Church.

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