Shushi will not fall: Dozens of Azerbaijani troops, mercenaries destroyed in the outskirts of the city

For two days now, battles have been taking place around Shushi. Intensive battles have been taking place in the settlements near Shushi, the roads leading to the city and its outskirts, official representative of Armenia’s Defense Ministry Artsrun Hovhannisyan told a daily briefing

“If May 8, 1992, was marked as the day of liberation of Shushi, the past few days will remain in the modern Armenian history as brilliant days of defense of Shushi,” he said.

He said the “Gyorbagyor” military operation of eliminating the rival’s reconnaissance and subversive groups, mercenaries and bands successfully continues.

“Our artillery, our infantry and our subdivisions worked miracles today. There are dozens, if not hundreds of corpses of the enemy forces, mercenaries left in the gorges near Shushi,” he said, adding that relevant photo and video materials will be published soon.

Artsrun Hovhannisyan said the battles continue, but the intensity has significantly weakened.

“Today was one of the heroic days of Shushi’s defense. Shushi is ours. Shushi will not fall, no matter how strong Ilham Aliyev would long for it. The Armenian army will fight till the end,” he stated.

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