Azerbaijan preparing ground for extension of the geography of war – Armenian mFA

The aggression of Azerbaijan against Artsakh with the support of Turkey and the involvement of the foreign terrorist fighters has been accompanied by the campaign of fake news and disinformation which goes beyond the limits of common sense, the Armenian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“Having failed to achieve any success in the battlefield, the Azerbaijani side on one hand speaks about its imaginary gains, and on the other hand spreads fake news on the shelling of the Azerbaijani settlements by Armenia,” the Ministry said.

The recent disinformation about the alleged strikes from the territory of Armenia to the Azerbaijani settlements is case in point, it noted.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the aim of this disinformation campaign is to cover up the massive shelling of the large settlements of Nagorno-Karabakh by Azerbaijan since the first day of the war, which resulted in many losses among the civilian population, while serious damage was inflicted upon the essential civilian infrastructure.

With the spread of such fake news Azerbaijan also prepares grounds for the continuation of its criminal policy and for the extension of the geography of the war, the Ministry said, adding that “each provocation by the Azerbaijani side will receive an adequate response from the Republic of Armenia.”

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