15 more Armenian troops killed repelling Azerbaijani offensive

Fifteen more servicemen were killed during the battles against the enemy on September 27. The Artsakh Defense Ministry has published the names of the soldiers:

Sasun Grenik Nersisyan, born in 2002

Khoren Yura Khachatryan, born in 1983

Armen Nikolay Grigoryan, born in 1984

Yuri Hayk Aghasaryan, born in 2001

Garik Aram Achemyan, born in 2002

Gevorg Marzpet Galoyan, born in 2001

Gurgen Vardan Abrahamyan, born in 2001

Gor Hrant Yaravyan, born in 2002

Hovhannes Onik Apozyan, born in 2000

Aren Karen Hovhannisyan, born in 2002

Haykaz Ashot Beglaryan, born in 2000

Eric Roma Gabrielyan, born in 1979

Gurgen Eduard Hayrapetyan, born in 1988

Arthur Slavik Movsisyan, born in 1981

Vazgen Loni Mikhaelyan, born in 1998

The Artsakh Defense Army had reported 16 losses on Sunday.

Fighting along the line of contact continued throughout the night with different intensity, Spokesperson for the Armenian Defense Ministry Shushan Stepanyan informs.

Early in the morning, the enemy resumed its offensive operations, using artillery, armored vehicles, including the “TOS” heavy artillery system.

“The Armenian subdivisions cold-heartedly resist the encroachments of the Azerbaijani side, take appropriate actions, causing significant losses in the enemy’s personnel and equipment,” the Spokesperson said.

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